HICC Composition


Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC) of JIPMER provides a forum for multidisciplinary input and cooperation and information sharing. The members are as follows

The following are the members of Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC), JIPMER.

  1. Chairperson : Medical Superintendent (JIPMER): Dr Ashok Bade
  2. Member Secretary: HOD microbiology: Dr S.Sujatha
  3. Additional Medical Superintendent (JIPMER): Dr Anita Rustogi and Dr Betsy Mathai.
  4. HODs of all clinical departments
  5. Deputy Medical Superintendents of –
    1. Main hospital block and PMRC (Physiotherapy and Medical Rehabilitation Centre)
    2. Super Specialty Block (SSB)
    3. Emergency Medicine Service(EMS)
    4. Women and Child Hospital (WCH)
    5. Regional Cancer Centre (RCC)
  6. Officer in-charge, Nursing Section- Ms Santhi Tamilmani
  7. Deputy Nursing Superintendent- Ms Pushpalatha and Ms Sasiprabha and others
  8. Hospital Infection control officer (HICO)- Dr Apurba Sankar Sastry, Assoc. Professor, Microbiology
  9. Hospital Infection control nurses (HICNs)
  10. Infection control lab technician
  11. Residents posted in HICC
  12. Data entry operator and multi task staff posted in HICC
  13. Biomedical waste management  in-charge- Dr. N. Balachandar
  14. ART Clinic in-charge- Dr Vadivelan, Associate Prof. of Medicine
  15. CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) in-charge – Dr Gowri Durarirajan
  16. Linen and Landry in-charge- Dr Pravati Pal, Professor, Physiology
  17. Central store in-charge- Dr Kusa Kumar Saha, Additional Professor of Forensic medicine
  18. Notifiable disease reporting- in-charge -Dr Sitansu Kar,  Additional Professor, PSM
  19. Engineer representative
  20. Pharmacy in-charge- Dr D. G. Shewade, Professor, Pharmacology
  21. JQC Nosocomial Group representative- Dr Noyal  Mariya Joseph, Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology
  22. Accreditation coordinator- Dr Sarasu, Additional Professor , Anatomy
  23. Sanitary Superintendent- Mr JesuRajan
  24. Autopsy in-charge- Dr Kusa Kumar Saha, Additional Professor, Forensic medicine


HICT is the functional unit of HICC which actually engages in implementation of hospital infection control programme.

HICT comprises the following core committee members.

  • Chairperson: Medical Superintendent (JIPMER): Dr Ashok Bade
  • Hospital Infection control officer (HICO)-

Dr Apurba Sankar Sastry, Associate Professor, Microbiology

  • Officer in-charge, Nursing Section – Ms Santhi Tamilmani
  • Deputy Nursing Superintendent-
    • Ms Pushpalatha
    • Ms Sasiprabha
  • Residents-
    • Senior resident, Microbiology (Dr Deepashree R)
    • Junior resident, Microbiology
  • Hospital Infection control nurses (HICN)
  1. Mrs Rani Thamizharasan
  2. Mrs Djiva Azhwar
  3. Mrs P. Mohanakumari
  4. Mrs Radjalatchoumy Gobinath
  5. Mrs Rajalakshmi Garnett
  6. Mr Thirumavarasu G.
  7. Mrs Lathika Gladson
  8. Mrs Vijitha V
  • Infection control lab technician
    • Mr Sulfihar Ali
  • Data Entry Operator: Ms Ilaveni
  • Multi-task staff (SMC):Mr Venkat and Ms Ramya